In the real world, spintria are believed to have been used in ancient Rome in brothels as a form of currency to pay prostitutes for services.

Xariah's spintria follow a similar use. As a high-class whore, Xariah's prices tend to be pretty high, and it can be problematic for her clients to carry around that much gold, so the spintria were created as a practical way of carrying around her fee without needing to lug around a heavy sack of coins to do so. They consist of coin-sized tokens made of a ring of gold with her name and her inn engraved around the ring, and in the center of the token is set an opal gemstone. Several different types of spintria exist, each with their type also included in their engraving:

Her business manager, Desmond, sells them to her future clients for their expected price; and the client can redeem them with Xariah on demand (provided she's available). When redeemed, they're recirculated to the next future client who wants to purchase one.

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