A Deal With The Dark Side


Xariah's a whore. A whore that often caters to less-than-honorable clientele, and sometimes they try to get away without paying. She's in need of some muscle of negotiable morality who'll do whatever's necessary to make sure anyone who thinks they can steal from her reconsiders their choice.

And where better to get muscle that'll do what needs to be done than to make a business proposition to a leader of one the city's criminal gangs? The problem is the gangs are all men of the darker-skinned persuasion, and in this world consorting with that sort of man just isn't something it's accepted for proper women to do. Xariah would be undertaking this 'mission' hoping to keep the indiscretion secret, lest the secret get out and ruin her.


This setup could go many different ways:

This also opens up doors for things like extortion and blackmail. Once Xariah's in bed with criminals, they have some leverage over her, lest word get out about it, and can coerce her into doing compromising things.

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