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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

This is a searchable index of eicons available on F-List. You can use eicons in chat or on your profile. Clicking on an eicon in the search results will copy the code to use the eicon to your clipboard, so you can paste it wherever you want to use it. If you want to copy multiple eicons at once, you can shift-click to add an eicon to your clipboard instead of replacing it.

How does this relate to EIcon Goddess?

EIcon Goddess is a bot that runs in F-Chat that you can use to do eicon searches without leaving chat. It has similar functionality to this website-based search, just suited to a chatbot format instead. EIcon Goddess and this website are operated completely separately from each other and don't share any code or infrastructure, so if you have problems with EIcon Goddess, you should contact its author for assistance.

Yes, we're both aware of each other; and no, we're not in 'competition' with each other. Use whichever service has the interface you like best.

How does this relate to F-List itself?

This search is not an official service of F-List and is something I provide on my own. If you run into bugs or issues with the search, don't contact the F-List staff because they won't be able to help you, contact me instead.

How do you find all the eicons?

F-List does not have a master index of all eicons available, so the eicons are collected by seeing them being used. This is done in two ways:

If you have an eicon you want in the search index, just use it in a public channel and it'll show up in the search soon. If you have or know of any other way of collecting eicons to be indexed, please get in touch.

An eicon is using my artwork without permission, how do I remove it?

This website only indexes eicons, the eicons are actually defined on F-List. If an eicon is using your artwork without permission, you should contact F-List staff to report the issue. If an eicon is removed from F-List, it will automatically be removed from the search results here.

I don't want my eicon to show in the search results, can you remove it?

No, for two reasons. First, I cannot verify that an eicon is actually yours and so I can't verify you're not just trying to delist someone else's eicons. And second, F-List policy is that anyone can use any eicons; an eicon is not "owned" by any individual user. By creating an eicon, you're implicitly giving permission for it to be used, and so it will be in the search results. If you don't want other people using your artwork, then you should remove its eicon.

An eicon is broken and showing the default silhouette image, can you remove it?

If you find any broken eicons in the search, you can click the red X button on the eicon to report it. This will verify the eicon, and if it appears to be broken, it will be removed. If the eicon is broken but the report button doesn't seem to work, please let me know.

Broken eicons that aren't reported should also be cleaned up within a few days on their own automatically.

I found an eicon that violates F-List rules! What should I do?

You should contact F-List staff to report the eicon.

What's your privacy policy?

I don't collect what searches are done, or what results are clicked on or used. If you are not logged in to xariah.net, any eicons you mark as favorite are stored only in local storage your browser and never sent to me. If you are logged in to xariah.net, your favorites are stored on my server so they won't get lost if you clear your browser's local storage, and that favorites information is not used for any other purpose.