So what are these 2d100 rolls all about?

2d100 is the traditional 'impregnate Xariah' attempt roll; success is a 200 roll. Xariah is canonically infertile, so it's intentionally extremely difficult to succeed. Chances of getting a 200 on a 2d100 roll is 1-in-10,000.

Just do /roll 2d100 or /roll 1d100+1d100 in the World of Warcraft channel to give it a try! You can view previous rolls here; and if you click on your character name you'll be taken to a page showing information about just your rolls.

Isn't it a 1-in-200 chance?

No. Rolling 200 on a 1d200 is 1-in-200. Rolling 200 on a 2d100 is 1-in-10,000.

Can I roll 1d100+1d100 instead?


How often can I roll?

The short answer: once per day.

The long answer: your ability to roll is on a 24 hour cooldown, and you can have two charges of it stored up. If you've never rolled before, you start with two charges. So technically that means if you haven't rolled in a while, you can do two rolls back-to-back. The reason there's two charges is to loosen up the timing a bit so that if you roll at 9:00 today, you don't have to wait until after 9:00 tomorrow to roll, you can just roll whenever you want tomorrow (unless you blow both of your charges, of course, in which case you'll have to wait).

The once per day limit is in place to prevent people from spamming the channel with rolls.

How do I know if I can roll again?

If you go to the tracking page here; and click on your character name you'll be taken to a page showing information about just your rolls. Near the top of the page it will tell you if you can roll again now, or when you'll be able to roll again. If you roll before this time elapses, the roll will be tracked as "invalid" and boy will you feel awful if you get a high roll and it doesn't count.

What's the highest/lowest anyone's rolled?

A natural 200 has been rolled once; 2 has been rolled a couple times. The tracking page above has links for the highest and lowest rolls, but they're only tracked back to February 2021. The other high and low rolls were before then.

200 has been rolled with bonuses a few times.

What bonuses?

Every year during the Mayternity event, I'll grant bonuses you can apply to your rolls. The bonus will change as the month of May progresses. You don't have to include the bonus in your rolls during May if you don't want to.

Does a 200 with a bonus mean you got pregnant?

This is just for fun, stop overthinking it.

But [ I'm super fertile / I have a lot of cum / my penis makes the gods tremble ]. Can I roll more often?


I don't want to impregnate Xariah, can I roll anyway?

Sure. Just be aware people are going to assume that's what the roll is for; so if you want it to be for something else you'll probably want to make it clear what it's for.